On December 10, 2022,
East Baton Rouge Parish will have the opportunity to vote to RENEW a 6.90 property millage listed on the ballot as the Law Enforcement District.

Early Voting: Nov. 26th - Dec. 3rd. Election Day: Dec. 10th.
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The millage currently accounts for $35.14 million, and supports almost 33% of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office budget.

It supports all activities of the Sheriff's Office including:

  • 24-hour road, business and residential patrols
  • School response throughout the entire parish
  • Community out-reach and policing
  • Securing and rehabilitating all booked in parish prison
  • Providing courthouse and courtroom security
  • Providing civil services such as delivery of subpoenas and writs and managing the business and financial affairs of the office
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This election is for a RENEWAL of funds currently provided to the Sheriff's Office through property tax millage, and is not a new tax. These funds go directly to ESSENTIAL SERVICES vital to keeping our community safe and secure.

Without these funds the Sheriff's Office will have to cut manpower, patrols and other services provided to the community.

This millage has been in place for the past 28 years, since 1994. It is a Renewal only; not a new or higher tax.

It will be listed on the ballot as the “Law Enforcement District Millage” and will not mention Sheriff’s Office by name. Please let friends, family and the community know about the wording on the ballot.